Babelingo - iPhone travel phrases
  1. Your own personal iPhone linguist.
  2. Trusted travel companion.
Wish you could learn another language but lack the time? Going on a business trip or that dream vacation? Rather than struggling with phrase books and delicate pronunciations just show them your needs. Babelingo is more than a simple phrase book. Choose your desired phrase or word and show expert translations to your foreign language audience in their own language. Each one rendered in a large and beautiful script easily read from a distance.
Packed with over 300 useful phrases and words in 11 languages. Translate to and from English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Czech, Hindi, Japanese, and Chinese. Each and every phrase carefully translated by highly skilled professional translators. Babelingo even lets your friends respond to you in their own language. With each translated phrase users can tap a respond button which sends them through Babelingo in their native language. They can then choose a phrase to show back to you in your own language.
Each category, phrase, word, and screen in Babelingo can be presented in any one of the supported languages. You choose your own language and your audiences language. Babelingo does the rest.
Too pressed for time to browse for a phrase? Quickly search for phrases using key words. Don't waste time fumbling with a phrase book or trying to decipher the local pronunciation. A fantastically rendered translation is only a single tap away.
Find yourself using the same phrases over and over again? Add them to a favorites list for quick and easy access. Each phrase is grouped by category in a flat list for fast navigation. Simply tap a phrase and its translation is displayed.
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